Meet WILF! WILF is an acronym for What I’m Looking For and will give you an idea of the more common conditions we treat at Walker and Hall.

How to use WILF: Click your mouse over the part of the body where you are experiencing symptoms and you will be presented with a list of conditions for that area.

Musculoskeletal Problems

To get started, please select the area where you are experiencing discomfort:

Head Head Neck Neck Shoulder Shoulder Shoulder Upper arm Upper arm Upper arm Upper arm Elbow Elbow Elbow Elbow Forearm Forearm Forearm Forearm Wrist Wrist Wrist Wrist Hand Hand Hand Hand Upper back Lower back Buttock Chest Abdominals Pelvis Pelvis Hip Hip Hip Groin Groin Upper leg Upper leg Upper leg Upper leg Knee Knee Knee Knee Lower leg Lower leg Lower leg Lower leg Ankle Ankle Ankle Ankle Foot Foot Foot Foot



WILF is not the complete list of conditions for a particular area of the body and should your condition not be listed please contact us to see how we can help you.

The explanation of conditions provided by WILF are not meant to replace your General Practitioner or Specialist.